Internet Love story

Ever realized that love is very magical?Yes,that’s my answer!Love comes in different ways:)I am so excited to share my love story!As I said earlier love comes in different ways! I mean my love for everything good is so magical!Who doesn’t love good things??

The way I love internet 🥺our connection is beyond explanations!I am now happy that I am starting to get to learn new things from the internet!It is wise to spend your time in the internet if you are gaining something good!

Well,I use to have this friend who always asked me to advice her on how to avoid spending most of her time in the internet!My advice to her was that she should try putting her phone and the PC far away from her but I didn’t understand how someone can be addicted to the internet!I am grateful that my situation with the internet is beneficial to me.

Did you know if you use your internet wisely ,you can gain a lot ?Internet has really help me,I have learnt a lot like how to manage my time on things that will benefit me!It is my best “friend”!I wonder if I won’t be able to communicate with my friends🥺The way I love to tell them stories especially this time when meeting friends is limited!Lots of love 💕

Dear internet thanks for being generous

Published by storytellerfaj

I am made of sunshine and a heart full of diamonds 💎

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